Friday, 27 November 2009

Unit 3: Environment

I had a little world with Phil to see what, tableaux vivants meant and got from him that it's a still image that tells a story. I searched online and they said tableaux vivants is: "a representation of a scene, picture, etc. by a person or group in costume, posing silently without moving". And also apparently it's french for "living picture" but I'm not sure if that's right or not. I also talked to Phil about "the uncanny" which is a term by Freud but looking online so far I haven't found any versions that are in layman's terms so that I can understand but what I understood was that it's a kind of suggested thing, like to suggest something is alive when it's not, or that a house is haunted when it's not. I suppose our final piece will look like a film still, therefore having to tell the story without anything being animated.

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