Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Short and Sweet

Yesterday me Leo and Jade went up to London to watch some short films. It takes place in this bar with sofas in it and everyone just gathers round to watch these short films ranging from 2D and 3D animations to live action etc. Everyone's really friendly and it's nice to interact with people who are also into animation or appreciate short films too.

This video is called "Princess Margaret Blvd". Unfortunately this is only a teaser I couldn't find the whole video but it's about an old women those mind is going and ended up sending our wonderful hostess to tears. We ended up all lighting candles for her.

This video is called "Stand up". Yet again I couldn't find the full version but I wanted to blog it because the animator was there last night at Short & Sweet to talk to. He got up and said that he originally recorded that performance and then drew over the top of actors, frame by frame, to get this animation.

We're all going again next week so hopefully it might be a more happy week because leo said how the short films are usually alot more upbeat then the dark ones we watched (lets hope so).


  1. Yes was quite a deep and emotional tone of films, not quite the introduction I wanted you and Jade to see! Glad you enjoyed it though, should be better next next week :)

  2. 16:9 format is the ratio of width to height for an image eg. 1600 x 900 pixels, 32cm x 18cm,etc, etc. This translates as being widescreen format on screen, hope that helps.

    In regards to what Phil has said, I shall go into a bit more detail as to what you should have in your blog by now.
    1.An analysis of the 3 scenes you are illustrating with sketches and annotations.

    2. Research into the genre and examples of how others have tackled this subject.

    3. Numerous thumbnail drawings, sketches and notes.

    4. Visual research to identify and justify the "Look" of your universe.

    5. Preliminary drawings that are starting to focus your research and experimentation to a starting point for your 3 final images.

    Ideally this needs to done and up ASAP.... Remember scan don't photograph sketchbook pages and reference materials. I can see you have already made progress on this list, ideally you probably want to be up to speed by the weekend to give you fortnight or so to concentrate on finalising the project.

    Hope that helps as a checklist.

  3. Nice to the group starting to come together, and be proactive about experiencing the whole short film community I hope you Leo and Jade can keep it up and possibly draw more people in.... also its a great chance to get some sketchbook work done (check out Leos blog).