Saturday, 14 November 2009

More Digital Painting

Here I've added more trees into the background to seperate the moutains and the maze.
Here I've put some texture into the maze to make it stand out and round it off.

Here I've added in lighting to give it more realistic feel. I still need to add some tiny flowers into the maze, edit the sky and change the hill in front: I don't like the shape.


  1. Hi Farideh,

    I,m loving your colour choices for both this and the Desert of Colours. Its good to see a more stylised approach and is in keeping with the source material. With regards to the hill I think iI would push it back towards the edge to open up the vista of the maze, I assume that you want this to be your focal point and at the monment it is kinda hemmed into a corner.

    Keep it up.

  2. Well in the book they're coming out the forest and going towards the maze but I know what u mean by making the maze the focal point but I will be adding flowers so lots more colours to come