Friday, 13 November 2009

Silver City

Here are some thumbnail drawings of The silver city which sits on the lake of tears.
Here is a picture of Venice. I decided to looks at it to see how the water and buidlings come together.

My friend suggested I look at Stargate Atlantis because it has a city floating on top of water as well. He also pointed out that if everythings made of silver it won't have proper right angles but with be quite curved. Here are just some drawings I did of the silver city exploring making it round. The drawings on the right I tried adding itn the town square where everyone gathers for the tournament.

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  1. Hi Farideh,

    I think you might be on to something using Venice as a reference... for a silver building check out the Gungenheim in Bilbao it is tiled with titanium which gives a wonderful sheen. It next to the river so you can get an idea in regards to reflections..... oh and it is really curvy as well.