Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Drawing tablet work

This is my new thumbnail skecthes on how I want the first scene to look I've added in all the different descriptions and pieced them together to get the over all look of Fantastica.

Here I was looking at different styles to do for the Ivory Tower. It's described as being like a snail shell.

I've started to block in different parts of my drawing to get a feel of what it's going to be like. Once the colours goes in and I start adding detail and atmosphere hopefully it will look alot better. At the moment I just want to see how it looks perspective wise. I didn't end up adding in the Ivory Tower because I felt in was not neccesary to sum up the feel of Fantastica even though I did look at different shapes and sizes for the Tower. I'm still unsure whether to add it in or keep it out for the moment.

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  1. wow Im nt kiddin, i really like this Farideh. Its really funny that were on the same theme but our concepts look totally different. Keep going because your onto something good :)