Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Farnham interview today

Well looks like me and Jade will be the newest students at UCA Farnham starting in September after we've both been offered a place there ^_^ looks like I'll be learning all kinds of animation while enjoying the fact that they are now getting Maya n scaring old people, while missing UCA Rochester and the wonderful people I met on CG Arts course. Thank you to Phil, Alan n Photoshop Phil for all their help ^_^ and everyone on the course, you were the reason why I didn't wanna leave but wish you all the best in the future and dont worry I'll still be blogging x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

This film was truly amazing. I take my hat off to the actors for their fantastic job, seeing as most of the film was green screened and the actors were working with nothing they did an amazing job of making you believe the world was real. In the film Alice revisits wonderland as a teenager and finds out how wonderland has changed alot since her last visit as a child. The Red Queen has taken over wonderland leaving it a very dark place so Alice must help them to get the White Queen back on her throne. I did decide to see this film in 3D and it was worth seeing it in 3D, everything stood out alot more. Watching the film I was just amazed by the costumes and the sets and the wonderful acting. Johnny Depp did a wonderful job playing the Mad Hatter watching this man slowly going mad and changing within his own head. Although straight away you can tell that this is a Tim Burton film because of the usual soundtrack and the obvious fact that Johnny Depp and his wife is in the film (like many of his others) it's weird watching the film knowing that it is also by Disney but seeing as its wonderland after distruction I think Tim Burton's dark look to his films fits well.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Crit 2moro

Just wanna wish everyone good luck at your crit 2moro ^_^ I'm sure you'll all do great! =D have fun xxx