Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fantastica (again)

Ok so I keep coming back to this painting and changing it over and over again because I'm still not happy with it there's something missing but not sure what at the moment. I'm not sure whether to add flowers in the maze and stick to the text or leave them out so it stays within my colour palet.

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  1. Good morning Farideh,

    2 teency little suggestions:
    1.the background trees should extend beyond the fore ground trees this should help with depth and distance.
    2.some scattered trees on the lower slopes of the mountains should break up the delineation and look more natural.

    As for the flowers remember your scale, so they are going to be tiny, paint them on a different layer and see what you think,if you don't like them you can always save it out as a JPEG and use it as evidence of your reseaarch and experimentation just remember to change the file name.