Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Short and Sweet 2

So yesterday I went yet again to london to watch short film. This week was abit more light hearted then last week but unfortunately their last week will be the 7th December and wont be running again until February. One of the films I really enjoyed was one called "full circle" which was about two people living in Ireland who work opposite each other, and despite loving everyting about each other, have never spoken. Another good one was "Le bell boy" which was quite strange but this little man starts running up n down stairs with this funny hat on and he's running to get to work on time and his job is to be the button on an alarm clock n he's hit on the head. Unfortunately I couldn't find these short films but we're beautifully done live action films.

This short film is called "Spider", and although I didn't take to it Leo and Jade seemed to love it, however there is a nice little scene with them in the car and the guy is feeding her chocolates playfully.


  1. this was one of my favourites last night- i dont even know why- its quite disturbing really but just the way it was made and turining a serious sitiation into something so light-hearted! x

  2. I agree, one of the better ones last night. It turned a light-hearted situation into something very grave, but just about relieved us with some dark humour once more!