Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Haunting

The Haunting is another film I enjoyed watching. I loved the subtlety of it, I'd hate to see the remake. After watching the film it reminded me alot of a play I saw in London with my old drama group called "The women in black". It performed by two men and it's very much like a ghost story. I was fortunate enough with my Drama group to go there early when noone was in and got a quick drama lesson on scarying people. They showed us how a door can create an atmosphere. The play is incredible with only two characters on stage everything is suggested, there is nothing obvious about it which I feel scares people alot more. I think that when something is all in someones mind it scares them more than seeing things in front of them because they can proves that exists, when its in your mind its alot more scarier. I feel that the haunting has used quite theatrical techniques like the women in black to suggest there being something there when there isn't.

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