Saturday, 28 November 2009

Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson's work is strange, the photographs seem like the worlds inside them are calm however there's still this feeling that something it not right. Crewdson uses quite theatrical lighting for his pieces with the lights highlighting the focus points. I feel like these photographs seem more like films still from a horror film where everything seem ok when it's not.

Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund is a fine art photographer who builds these sets as paints them in one colour but adds in probs and actors to her photographs. In the photographs, you can see a normal house but there's something not right, theirs these weird characters and everythings one colour but with the actors it brings you back to real life again.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Anna Gaskell

It's funny how things in life go fulls circle, earlier today Phil said to look up the artists on the sheet and said how he thought I liked Anna Gaskell. Once I googled her I realised that I used her photographs in my FMP for National Diploma when I was doing fairy tales. I love that fairy tale like quality these imahes have and how silent they all feel like they wanted to tell you a secret but have been told not to, therefore leaving us as an audience wondering and wanting more. I enjoy how she never really shows the person's face within the photograph either, (it's something I use in my personal art work), it leave the story telling to the body language instead.

Unit 3: Environment

I had a little world with Phil to see what, tableaux vivants meant and got from him that it's a still image that tells a story. I searched online and they said tableaux vivants is: "a representation of a scene, picture, etc. by a person or group in costume, posing silently without moving". And also apparently it's french for "living picture" but I'm not sure if that's right or not. I also talked to Phil about "the uncanny" which is a term by Freud but looking online so far I haven't found any versions that are in layman's terms so that I can understand but what I understood was that it's a kind of suggested thing, like to suggest something is alive when it's not, or that a house is haunted when it's not. I suppose our final piece will look like a film still, therefore having to tell the story without anything being animated.

End of Unit 2

Looking back on this project I'm kind of glad it's over, to be honest the most fun I had was writing the essay because I found it interesting. I will admit that that this project has taught me alot, thanks to Digital Phil, I have come away with all these new skills for photoshop. I have also realised that coming from a 3D model background I need to get my drawings skills in order and start teaching my self about perspective drawings. At the end of the day being able to model plastercene won't help me with animation I need to be able to show my ideas through 2D mediums. I have also realised that I need to get myself into gear for this next project and up my game, I don't want to be my next crit dreading what people think I want to be confident in my work which won't happen unless I put that time in.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Final Silver City

I went with this image in the end because I wasn't comfortable presenting the previous one. I did however change the city by using the new buildings I had created and putting them into this scene. In the book it describes an acid blue/purple lake with a silver city on it surrounded by wooded hills. If I were to do this image again I would change the way I look at the city and explore more shapes of the buildings.

Final Desert of Colours

This image I struggled with at first because I found it hard to get the hills looking right. I also found it hard to get the texture right and to indicate that it is sand hills. In the book it describes the night forest crumbling into sand and how the main character, Bastian, goes wondering through the desert for a while and can't find a way out so I wanted it to look like the desert went on for miles. If I were to do this again I would try some different techniques to create the sand dunes and also try a different perspective.

Final Fantastica

After going over and over this image I have finally finished it. I'm still not too sure on the moutains but I am proud of my maze. There were certain things that I left out of the original text to make the image look better. For instance it describes the maze being made of flowers however the flowers in this image would look tiny and in the end just look like a mesh of colours. I wanted to get an overall feel of Fantastica by piecing together what the book describes. If I had a chance to go over this again I might try using a different angle.

Desert of colours (new image)

I wasn't happy with my desert of colours composition so I took Ruben's advice and took my sketch image and came up with this.

Silver City (again)

Right I decided to take Simon's advice and do a new silver city from a different perspective however I'm not keen on this image. I do however prefer the buidlings.

Maya work

Sorry it's taken so long to blog my Maya work, I know it's not much but I've been having trouble with beveling the edges and my Uv layouts.

Silver city (NEW)

I've done some more concept drawings on the silver city buildings so they do not look like mushrooms anymore. I also looked at different compositions to change the "camera angle". Below are some images that I used as a refference when doing the new thumbnails.

Silver City (attempt 3)

I've done the city again trying to make it look better, however I've just read simon's comment about my city looking like a cluster of mushrooms and to do it from another angle so I am going back to the drawing board.

Silver City (attempt 2)

I've attempted the silver city before but I didn't like the hills in the background.

Here Flipped the image to see if the composition was better.