Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Night of the Hunter

I enjoyed this film quite alot, it had a very unusual feel to it. I feel like it was best that it was in black and white because it gave the film a painting quality. The nursery rhymes within the film gave it quite an eery feel, although the movie in an old film I never really crossed my mind during the film that I was watching a black and white movie. I know this may sound odd but the scene with the mother underwater was just so beautiful and graceful it was such a silent image but I was shocked at how much it looked like the actress especially when more modern day films that use the same shots, for example in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire they do an underwater scene quite similar, aren't as realistic. I also loved the scene with the kids on the boat it was so calming watching them float down the river. The most amusing part of the film was how the children seemed to be the only ones talking sense seeing as all the adults were being brainwashed.

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