Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Using Emotion

Ok so been feel quite down lately and not sure why tbh but think it's got something to do with this project and just been thinking about who I really am and do I even like who I am. Anyways my mate who does model making got talking to me and said instead of getting down by what you see in your portraits why not put how you feel into them, so I decided to do this drawing just after having a good old cry like girls do smudged my make up abit more and started on this. My teacher ages ago told me how rubbish I was as portraits so said either treace or use photos as a guideline but this is one I just drew straight from looking at the mirror.
This portrait was quite weird because as I was taking pics of it the expression on its face seemed to change from photo to photo and even know this portrait may not resemble what I look like on the outside I'm certain it reflects my inner self.

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  1. Some of the best pieces of art and literature are produced when the artist is honest with themselves and has the courage to confront their internal struggles.
    Well done Farideh it is fantastic that you have been brave enough to be so candid.