Tuesday, 29 September 2009

couple portraits so far

Ok with this portrait I kinda decided against putting any real eyes in there although there is a suggestion of some I dont know how my audience might find it if it even makes a difference but i wanted to explore using a mask for day one
for this one I wanted it to be quite confrontational while also having the comfort and security of being hidden away from the world too.
Sticking with the theme of the mask I tried to use it to hide myself in a none tradtional way. I partically like the idea that you seem to be drawn to the mask's eyes rather then my own.
This is a classic "caught by the camere" kind of pose but I feel it goes alot deeper tbh. When investigating crime scene ect if they dont have a face to go by then tend to look for hand prints or finger prints to find the identity of the person so why im hiding my face im also showing a part of me that would lead you to it with the right equipment of course.
This I just thought I'd do a rather close close-up so close that you cant even tell who it is.
This was kind of a metaphore for me taking off the mask I wear to reveal my true self.
Right, these two drawings were done to really show that this is me basically. I've been judged by the clothes I wear and what I look like my whole life. I've gone through bullys and strangers driving past me throw things at me or shout at me just based on the way I looked, well I just thought if I took away those clothes what would they say. The picture on the right was supposed to be quite dominating to show how I'm in control now not them I was also thinking of using that particular pose for another idea I have.
These two were more revealed drawings were they look quite opposite. One looks insecure while the other proud and just shows the way someone stand or poses can change the feel of a portrait so its something to consider.
Right I'm abit weary about putting this one up but f**k it it's not as bad as Robert Mapplethorpe. I did quite a few self portraits using my camera of poses like this one I happened to draw this cause it was more covered up. However I didnt just do this picture for no reason I just feel like even clothing can be worn as a mask. I like many other teenage girls hate my body and I use clothes as a way to cover up and misguide you to what shape my body is really like, so here I just decided to bare all. When we study life drawing we start by drawing the naked body and I went back to basics for a reason, I dont want to hide anything.

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