Saturday, 3 October 2009

Playing with identity

This drawing was meant to be confrontational while hiding my identity as a kind of safety measure. I really enjoy the idea of revealing everything while hiding everything at the same time.
This drawing was supposed to project my identity as much as I could. You cannot recognise me by my hair or face so how would you even know this is me in the portrait?
Here I did some photography work just to explore ideas so they're not done very proffessionallly. Here I was trying to distort my face manually some how while showing a emotion of anger to what they see in the mirror.

These are just two more photos exploring my 1st concept of hiding my identity while showing nothing of myself but leaving everyone to judge for themselves.

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  1. Hi Farideh,

    I'm loving your frank approach to this project; as one of our few 'females' in a male dominated environment, your perspective is very interesting and I think you should explore it with gusto; after all, the whole notion of prince charming rather means that the maiden is passively awaiting rescue; I think notions of passivity and objectification run beneath female portraiture; check out the confrontational images of Jenny Saville and Jo Spence, for instance; likewise Francesca Woodman and Nan Goldin...