Thursday, 24 September 2009

I have a couple ideas in my said but sticking to the same theme which is that I want my portraiy to shock. Like when Dorian Gray reveals his portrait people are shocked to see the real him and usually when people mett me im nothing like what they think im going to be.Kind of still like the mask idea but trying to ditch actually wearing a real mask. I've taken quite a few photos that I will not be posting up but will be drawings from instead.

I've also got this idea of how some people "wear their heart on their sleeve" and got me thinking what if you wore your soul on the outside? Thinking about it I have 3 scars on my face alone nut emotional scars you cant see.....what if they came to the surface?

Another idea I've had is about hiding who I am while also revealing everything I am. (still working on that but got a good idea in my head and photos to help)

I have a couple more idead but not sure whether to share them or keep them to myself for a while otherwise they wont come as a shock when you see them.

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