Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dorian Gray

Ok so I went to see Dorian Gray today and it was strange to say the least. The main storyline is how this portrait of himself brings a curse to him as well. It has like the opposite effect that portraits have, while a portrait will capture your youth and stay the same while you yourself get older, the portrait of Dorian Gray gets older while he stays the same and is tempted by pleasure. He looses the love of his life, looses his morals and is tempted by a close friend, the same friend who makes and destroys him. When you watch the film you think its mainly about sex and murder, but has more deeper meaning. It's like Dorian Gray is tempted by the devil and sells his soul for youth, until finally realising that things are only supposed to last a short time so you appreciate them more.

This film has just given me a couple more ideas on how I can take this project. I think I've decided early on that I either wanna show myself in a vunerable state putting my head on the chopping board to be judged or editing myself so I'm hardly recognisable. Everyone wears a mask, some people it's obvious that they're wearing a mask, where they act a different way round different people and some people do it subtly by the clothes they wear and I wanna strip it down. Also something Phil said in Tuesday's lecture about women feeling the need to chop bits of themselves off well I'm one of those women and I wanna expose that.


  1. hi, I'm Ruben

    About the new Dorian Gray, i liked the meaning it has behind all those scenes of sex and sins, but in my opinion, based on a oscar wilde's novel or not, it didnt transmit what the book can transmit, I started to read the book and went to see the film afterwards and like all adaptation to cinema of literature was a let down, also watching the 1st film dated 1945, might help.

    Awsome CGI in the end though!!
    (I spent all film wanting to look at the portrait but it happened only in the end :( )

  2. i know how u feel and yeh i went and brought the book the idea of it was good but dont think the film portrays it the newest one i thought seemed very much like sweeney tod but without the singing was quite strange although was inspiring. n if u have the book at the beggining oscar wilde talks about art n portraits its worth reading that lil passage cause it really sums it up what arts about