Friday, 11 September 2009

Ok so I took Phil's advice and collaged the images and then traced over them to get an outline and then saw what I could make from them. I hope I'm more on the right track now.

I liked drawings the unusual plant on the right hand side as if the plant wasn't really from this planet or something. The two-headed alien was abit confusing cause I had a thought about it being made from feathers and scales.

These two sketches are one of the few I feel ok about putting up here. I like the idea of rather than a robot having more of a machine that can beat the ground for you when gardening and maybe keeping compost in it's "belly" compartment. I also like the idea of having a compartment in the hot air balloon, maybe for dining purposes or something but slowly realised this doesn't really come under any of the catergories as it isn't really a proper structure.

I'm not really keen on these sketches but I did have an idea about the top left's alien's eyes rolling round that circle part like a spira graph.

The dinosarus/dog creature I just thought about being quite smoothe scales on his body or like blubber to make it shine, I also thought about the way it would walk most likely ressembling a snake.
My last sketches I feel are abit stronger but abit simple. They seem more for decoration then purpose. I'm still unsure on what drawings I would want to present on A2 sheets seeing as I dont think any of the above can really be strong enough to be shown from all sides, however I just hope I'm on the right track now.


  1. Great - much more interesting and much less formulaic; really, you're trying to break the bonds of conventionality and the prison of the 'first idea' - you know, the one you have at the beginning of something, that then keeps you in one place for ages; when you feel that happen, it's time to get out and about - and these new drawings are not designs you could have just pulled out of your head 'off-the-peg' - they represent something much more satisfying; now, take those drawings and use them to push a little further and a little harder... good stuff! :-)

  2. Hey Farideh =D

    I really like your drawings, looks like you put a lot of thought into them. Mine mainly consist of geeky spaceships, lol.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone on the 14th! Goodluck with the rest of your sketches. =)

  3. hey nothing wrong with being a geek ^_^ n hmmm my main struggle now is developing my ideas further to make them that more interesting =/

    but yeh im excited n scared about monday all at the same time! ^_^

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