Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Orlan (don't look if you squimish!)

Ok so I decided to look at Orlan after Phil recommended her to me. It's strange seeing as we looked at her slightly on National Diploma and never really thought that her pictures are technically portraits. She's a performance artist who's undergone some plastic surgery and to be honest I don't understand why there are grapes in the top picture.

Anyways I'm fascinated by the idea of making my portrait shock people I find when people first meet me they see this innocent little girl and are shocked to find that I have tattoos are are shocked by my dirty mind etc. Some people instantly judge me by my clothes and the way I look and I dont want that in my portrait so I have a couple ideas of what I want in my head but no idea on the final piece yet.


  1. WOW liking it :D, top one is abit crazy gbut all good liking it all :D x

  2. yeh im sure the fruit are there for a reason just cant see what

  3. Hi there - the grapes might be a reference to painting, perhaps to the still-life tradition; Orlan uses plastic surgery to emulate the idealised beauties in painting - Botticelli's Venus, for instance - see article below for more info,-the-Art-of-Orlan&id=46611