Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stepford wives

The Stepford wives is one of those films which exploits the whole sexist views on women being the house wife. In the film the women who first go to Stepford are quite out spoken and have different personalities and hobbies. The men on the other hand have different opinions and want to change their wives into something you would find off a commercial and make exact robots of them with the perfect figure, big breasts and make them the perfect house wife. In the end the women are living only to serve their husbands, they wear make up and look pretty and clean the house to please their husbands and don't think of themselves. I can see this film as being a man's perfect dream while it's a women's worst nightmare. Although even as a women myself I can say yes I wouldn't mind looking after the kids and being a house wife, there is no way in hell that I'm going to stop being who I am and only live to please a husband, so I can see why the women were scared of the Stepford wives at first. When the Stepford wives were talking in a group they did sound like they were in a commercial rather than having an every day conversation.

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