Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Short and Sweet

Went to another short & sweet last night, some of the films weren't too bad but one film that stuck out in my head was a short called "cashback". I couldn't find any of the other videos (I'm sure leo might be able to) but I did get a link to cashback.


Alex and I enjoyed this video a lot, I think we enjoyed this so much because we can relate because we both work in a super market, however I think anyone who has ever had a boring job can relate and being artists you can see the narraters point.


  1. i agree, looking at a clock when working is horrible lol!
    great film, where do you watch these?

  2. we go up london somewhere on brick lane its free to get in but next week is the last one until february

  3. Hi Farideh.
    Just dropping by to say hello.

    I'm Keith from the second year.
    If you need anything, just drop me a post.


  4. oh kool, sounds intresting, may tag along in febuary