Monday, 7 December 2009


The film repulsion was a hard film to understand. Your not quite sure whats going on in her mind, if she's getting OCD or just going out of her mind. It was also this big question whether she was raped or it was just a metaphor, either way it could be read both ways. I saw it as she went through a horrible rape and it kept replaying in her head, hence why she didn't like men however looking back now it can be that she didn't want to have sex with men unlike the rest of society. This wasn't an average film where you have the story and you watch it unfold it was more like have this window into someone's life and seeing how their mind works. I felt like the house reflected her mind cause these cracks started to appear in the walls as she was going mad. I know how it is when your in your house alone your mind does start to play tricks on you and nothings always straight on sometimes the room moves and you do these weird things. I did enjoy how it was shot from all these different angles it did give me loads of ideas for my own scene. For instance what view I'd have if I was a painting on the wall who's frame was tilted.

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