Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Scene Research Photos

I like this photograph where it's taken from a crouched down position looking through the bars. I like how it restricts your view making you want to look round the bars to see but you can't, however there are no local points and not much going on.
I also like this photograph because it was taken with me crouching down again but peering round the banister. It also restricts the viewer but has more going on.

To try and get more of a feel of what I want my scene to be and feel like I decided to get my camera out and start taking my own primary research images. I explored using different camera angles to get a different feel, some I've done peering out from behind the banister or looking through them to frame the scene. After Phil's comments I'm debating whether to drop the shadow part or just play about with it making it more abstract and cropped rather than the falling one.

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