Wednesday, 9 December 2009

After the last crit I have realised that I can't draw that well so trying to get my point across is hard and also means that my final pieces aren't that dynamic, so I decided to look at refreshing my perspective skills.

These images are just some quick ideas on what I can do in Maya. I want to make something simple but then crop so that it doesn't give too much information, however the drawings seem a little flat but in Maya I will be making it a more interesting by using different camera angles.


  1. really good exercises, if you had a little perspective, not only looks more realistic but loses the 'flat' characteristic creating more dynamic scenes.

    good luck with it, the basics of perspective they are quite straightforward.

    Sometimes, I also take a picture take them to photoshop and just draw some lines on top, it gives you the whole picture perspective and helps you understand it.

  2. It should be add instead of had ... oops