Friday, 11 December 2009

Further Shadow Tests

After my shadow attempts didn't go so well I spoke to Alan today and he said how I'm on the right track just needed to try some more things to get it looking better.

The shadow on the right has been painted on the wall and the shadow on the left was a plane with the outline of a person falling on and a light projected behind it.
I added this box in to test out how the shadow would act and the one that has been painted doesn't bend round the objects and therefore doesn't make a realistic looking shadow.

The shadow that is on a plane semed to work the best because it would bend round and object as you can see above.

I think I might use the plane with the shadow image on to make my shadow. The plane has been made to not be shown in the scene so once its rendered all your left with is the shadow it leaves.


  1. Evening Farideh - it's very encouraging that you persisted with this technical problem - am liking the initiative and the grit... so, what's the 'big plan'? I'd be interested to see some thumbnails/concept art...

  2. if you haven't checked it out already - a new blogging trend in the offing, courtesy of 'youtube-double-act-in-the-making-Bharathi-&-Shafi'...

  3. yeh drawings are coming up just havent been near a scanner to put them up