Saturday, 10 October 2009

Francess Wood

Love, love, love this photograph. I found it so inspiring the hidden identity, the simplicity, the eeriness of the black and white image, her being suspended. Just gave me loads of ideas to where I want to go with my final piece.
This image I found to be simple yet effective the blood stain on the floor making you wonder about the story behind the image. The women sitting down naked but clean from blood makes you wonder even more; did she kill someone? Was it from her?
This image is yet again very simple and after researching her and Nan Goldin I have loads of ideas going on in my head:

One of my ideas was to get images of the strong women in my life like my aunt and nan and my mum and collage them together to look like a traditional family portrait.

Another idea was to be in a room but use shadows to hide my face.

The main idea I have was to use a man within my portraits to show how I've been hurt by men but I come out strong. I want to play with the whole prince charming idea and how your search for him can destory you.


  1. Hi Farideh,

    I love Francesca Woodman's stuff too - you can feel the 'time' in her work; you can almost hear the ticking of clocks and the creak of the floorboards and sound of rain against the windows; I'm pleased you're inspired - there is real pathos and strangeness in her pictures and her composition is great; lots of stuff for you to take on board and use; am liking your references too.

  2. yeh i love how her work tells a story straight away ^_^ i want my portrait to tell the story of me life in a single photo with the help of others too going to try out loads of different things til i get the effect