Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nan Goldin

This is quite a beautiful picture of Nan Goldin it's so natural, calm and peaceful. Compared to the picture bellow where she has been beaten.
When researching this I found out that the person who beat her was her boyfriend, now im not quite sure if it's exactly true but it hit me hard. I've had such bad experiences with men and can relate to some degree, my own aunt had a black eye on her wedding day and my nan had an arranged marriage at 12 years old. Most of my inner scars are male related and I even spoke to Jade about them and gave her goosebumps. It's partly why I want to explore the whole "Prince Charming" view we have with men.
This photo I love the whole calm and natural side to it. Being naked is the most naturalist thing you can do when we are born we're born naked and this picture portrays that. The way the women is laying on the horse seems quite innocent and relaxed while also reminding me of fairy tales and the whole running off into the sunset on a white horse.
This photograph can be seen as quite sexual but I see it as quite romantic. It's as close as a couple can get without sex. Nan Goldin often documented her life by taking pictures of her friends but I'm not sure why this picture was taken. Nan Goldin's photos have influenced me quite alot after researching her felt quite touched and gave me quite a few ideas.

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