Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Here I was just trying out using black and white and then editing the brightness to use shadows to hide my face.
Here I was trying out ruining my image by adding cuts to my skin and scratching out my eyes

Here I used the colour selecter to pick out shades of my skin and then using my graphic tablet to paint over the original photograph

Here I edited the brightness and contrast to create just an outline image of myself with no background


  1. Hi Farideh!

    I am LOVING your frankness and courage here! Re. the photography studio - I've asked Jackie to sort it with Mike, the technician - to identify the best time-slots - either tomorrow afternoon or Monday afternoon? As soon as she has a plan, she'll contact you personally with the info...

  2. I think monday afternoon will be alot better

  3. Nice :). I like the black and white one without a background. Plus admring the courage of putting up pictures of yurself in just underwear.