Thursday, 28 January 2010

NEEDS HELP: Interview on February 10th

Hey everyone I have in interview for Animation Arts in Maidstone on the February 10th and was wondering if anyone could give me any advice because as you know I'm always cool as a cucumber (in otherwise im very scared). Coming into CG Arts I didn't have to have an interview so I really don't know what to do any advice? maybe portfolio wise etc would really help

Thank You x


  1. When I wetn for my interview on the Cg course with Alan, I brought a wide range of different techniques, mostly was characters, but also I had life drawings and still lives, also I think is always good to show different materials, such as, graffite, pen, acrylic and ink. And also techniques, crosshatching more detailed drawings and sketches.

    Good luck with it :)

  2. Portfolio, print an A3 one full of all the good work you have done here or else where. Make it a 20 page max. also it helps if you show development so they know you havnt downloaded it.

    And yeah what Ruben said, they love it for life drawings, use the ones we drew in our class.

    Talk about, projects you can talk about positively and if they ask you where do you see yourself going in this industry, dont give one staight answer, they dont like that apparently, you will never know what you will end up doing.

    Good luck

  3. Thanks guys ^_^ I went life drawing in London last monday and going again this monday to try and put some recent work in cause my other drawings got ruined but I also have an interview Farnham too now so very scared x

  4. Good luck Faz. Say hi to Vickey for me lol (you wont know who she is XD). Well for starters they like things to have a bit of an order to them. (I talk from past experience. As I was at Maidstone UCA before Rochester). They also like a bit of everything. So some orgiginal art and maybe some computer generated etc. Also just make sure to sound extrienly eager to be on the cvourse and show a lot of enthusiasm even for things such as life drawing. :D Good luck, let us know how it goes