Monday, 11 January 2010

The Poltergeist

Right the Poltergeist has completely put a stop to me ever wanting kids because they are weird and creepy. However as a film it was interesting to watch but even though I have never see it personally I knew what was happening because it's been ripped so much.

Rip number 1 and probably the biggest rip was from family guy. This whole episode was based around this movie for instance at the end when you think it's all over because they have carol-anne back well from watching this I was wondering if the house collapses in on itself or not. However it has made it abit more comical.

Rip number 2 was from South Park but unfortunately I couldnt find a clip of this women on youtube but found a still instead. I do apologise to everyone for how much I started giggling when that women came on to help the family out because in family guy she does the same thing and even has the strange voice however when I 1st saw this episode I just thought they gave her a weird voice for comical effect so when she actually spoke like that in the film I couldnt help myself sorry.

Rip number 3 was from Scary Movie 2. At the part when the women is being pushed up against all the different walls in poltergeist scary movie did the same scene but made it look as if the women and ghost were making love. So really in theory this movie was kind of ruined for me because I found myself laughing at it rather then taking it seriously.

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