Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Harlequin Mini Project

Escape The Fate - It's just me

"Just a little more, come on and satisfy me,
Just a little more, come on and terrify me,
Just a little more and I'll be done with it,
Take my life and then I'll feel okay."

These were the images that got me inspired.

This is just one of the costumes that I have been doing for the photoshoot. I didn't end up using the white belt in the end, I originally made it to make this outfit look different from the other outfit that was made.

This was an idea that I got from an Escape the Fate song. (above) First I did some quick sketches of Harlequin's and then after that my ideas started flowing thinking about where you might possibly find a harlequin and this image of a harlequin hanging upside on the monkey bars like a trapeze artist came into my head and couldn't get it out of my head. I then decided to look at different images of harlequins online but I got these weird images up of these gruesome babies but I kept looking. After looking at all the different costumes and stereotypes for harlequins I then started thinking up ideas for a modern day harlequin costume. Alot of the costumes I recyled from things I already had but other things I had to make: The tights were a pair of plain white tights that I painted on using fabric paint to create the pattern. The cuff I sewed by hand. The dress I painted white diamonds on the side to go with the harlequin theme and the white top was a top I already had that I cut sorter. I then decided on what the makeup was going to be like. I had decided that became Jade had a very symetrical face that I would break that by giving her one bold eye like the makeup from "Clockwork Orange". In contrast I gave my eyes quite symettrical makeup. I enjoyed doing this little idea I had and bringing it to life but I wish I could have used a proper model instead of myself so I could take all the photographs rather than just directing them. I also would have like to do alot more to the costumes so straight away when you look at the photographs you think harlequin.

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