Friday, 14 August 2009

Yay I actually have the breif thanks for the help matt ^_^ this is my blog so I can record all the lil weird thoughts going on in my head during my projects n to share all my thoughts cant wait to get started


  1. Welcome aboard, Farideh! Okay, start blogging... upload your sketches, your thoughts, review any films you've watched, list any favourites, your inspirations, travel far and wide, add links, add animation clips - I want your blog to be a rich tapestry of interweaving elements... :-) I'll follow this comment with another, in which I'll provide all the other blog addresses, so you newbies can get talking to each other... apologies for any confusion regarding the summer project, with the sketchbooks and object sheets arriving waaaaay before the project brief - hope all is clear now: any problems, let me know...

  2. Below – addresses for new first year blogs currently up and running (I’ll post more as they go live). Go say “hi” – get that first awkward introduction over before the first day of term!

    Dave at
    Earl at
    Ruben at
    Charlotte at
    Matt at
    Farideh at
    Sam at
    Simon at
    Jordan at

  3. so are the concept drawings like fantasy? cause im a lil confused =/